Wireless Back-Up Sensor


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DesignTechs New Wireless Back-Up Sensor is the Ultrasonic Back-Up Guidance System. It warns you as your vehicle approaches an object in the detection zone. An alarm sounds increasing in intensity the closer you get to the object. The digital read-out displays distance of the object behind the vehicle. With both audio and visual warning you are able to back your vehicle with confidence and safety. Features: Easy wireless installation from back to front Distance to nearest object behind vehicle is displayed in either meters or feet Alarm sound increases in intensity as distance to object decreases (sound can be turned on or off) Detects from 1 to 6.6ft (.4 to 2 meters) Compact wireless digital display 2 ultrasonic rear sensors 4-stage audio and visual display Aids reversing in all weather Installation Instructions: Display connects to ignition and ground Sensors connect to control module in trunk which connects to reverse light wire and ground Installation instructions (click to view)


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